Beach / pool hooded coverup


I know it may not look like summer in a lot of places but trust me, it’s coming! So while we wait for the sunny hot days to come lets get ready for all the pool and beach outings and make the kids a hooded towel coverup. I know my kids use them all the time when they go to the pool so I thought why not make them myself with some beautiful custom fabric.


For the tutorial today I’ll be using some luscious stretch French Terry from Sweet N Charmed Fabric but you can certainly use regular terry too. I do love a pretty French Terry in the summer. It’s pretty absorbent while being thinner than terry and it takes less space in your pool bag too 😉

This coverup will work great for kids size 6-10. You can certainly make it smaller by adjusting the measurements. Let’s start by cutting the fabric. You will need two 25″ by 25″ inches squares and two rectangles 12″ long by 9.5″wide for the hood.


Take the hood pieces, lay them one on top of the other, wrong sides together and using a French curve cut out the top right corner.



Take one of the square pieces and find the top center. Make a vertical cut about 3 inched down.


Take the two squares and place them right sides together. We will now pin the “shoulder” seam. Measure 5″ from the center (where you made the previous slit) on each side and place your first pin or clip. Pin all the way to the sides and sew in place with a 1/2 seam allowance.

Take the hood pieces and sew them right sides together around the curved edge.


Mark the center back with a pin or a clip.


Pin (or clip) the hood around the neck opening, matching the center back. Sew or serge it in place.



We will now create a hood band. If you use stretch French Terry like I have you can certainly use the same fabric for the band. If you used regular terry which does not have stretch, I recommend you make the band with either a cotton spandex or a cotton rib knit. You can use polyester blends too but they lack absorbancy. If you changed the measurements in the tutorial you will need to measure the hood opening to determine the band length. If you used my measurements you will need to cut a piece of band 28″x 2″ .


Stitch the ends, RST to create a loop. Fold in half length wide and press it. Devide the loop in 4 equal part and place a pin (or a clip) to mark the parts.


Pin the band around the hood opening.


Sew in place and top stitch around the edge.


All we have left to do is hem the raw edge. You can either fold it 1/2 inch, press it and cover stitch it. Or if you prefer you can fold it 1/4″, press it, then again fold  1/4″ and press. Stitch in place.

I love a curved hem so I took it up a notch and cut the corners out using my french curve. I cover stitched it in place using a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Always press and steam your hems to remove any waviness that may have occurred while stitching.



Tadah! You just made your custom beach/pool hooded coverup that’s bound to be the talk of the pool party 😉 Easy peasy, right? Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. Post you finished pics in the comments too or tag me on Facebook! I’d love to see what you create!



Special thanks to Adrienne and Luke of Sweet N Charmed for the beautiful fabric. Be sure to join their group to keep up to date with all the new arrivals.





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